The End of an Era

One day, I climbed up a mountain with my closest friends. When we got around half way up, there was a wall that runs straight across the mountains. We were all so tired that we lay down against the wall and took a break. The wind was incredibly strong and we were totally wrecked. At that moment, I decided that I’d had enough. To my left was my best friend and to my right, the other. I wanted to lay down and just for everything to end. It was so perfect, it was like a scene out of a movie or something. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there, and now I truly wish that it had because now, it has ended. I have lived to watch my friends fade before me because of my own sadness, because I have died inside. It was never their fault but this was going to happen eventually. Now we are held together by thin threads of lies and pretending, so you have no idea how much I wanted to die on that mountain. Buenas noches chicos. I loved you all and I still do.

Two in two million.